Jul 11, 2011

Adding Custom Markers Open layers and Geocoder in Drupal : Part 2

 Part 1
This is an area which covers to add ‘Custom markers’ or ‘Multiple Custom markers’ to yourGeo map. This chapter assumes that you have a fair understanding about the Part1 which is in the above link.

  • Now your map is created and then you see  the default marker (ornage/blue ring) sticked in the Address you added.
  • now we need to change the marker

Step by Step

  • Site building --> Openlayers--> Styles or /admin/build/openlayers/styles
    • All the markers will be listed, Clone the ‘Default style’ marker.
      • Fill all the fields with your new markers name and description
      • Under Style Properties and Plugins--> externalGraphic give the URL of your marker
      • then to define the size of the marker size click on pointRadius and adjust then adjust the numeric value in textbox
      • Save the Style;
      • Your marker will be displayed in the list

  • Now you need to select the custom marker for your map
    • Go-to the Preset you’ve created already
    • Select Layers & Styles tab
    • Scroll down to see your ‘View’  you’ve activated and enabled in ‘Overlay layers’
    • Select the marker/ style you created from the dropdown list in ‘Style’ column
    • Select in all three Dropdown  list
    • And hit Save.
  • Refresh your map-page and you’ll get your newly created markers

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