Jul 10, 2013

Drupal Quick Tip: Issues using CkEditor and Wysiwyg with Drupal 7 (rendering Media (Vimeo,Youtube), version detection)

I am writing to all those who are frustrated just as me with the latest CkEditor version where it doesn't work as expected as the old versions, especially using Wysiwyg.

  1. One of the most common problem the developers are facing after installing the Wysiwyg module and uploading the Ckeditor Library into the sites/all/libraries directory is, the Wysiwyg doesn't detect the version of the uploaded CkEditor when you navigate to /admin/config/content/wysiwyg  (I am talking about the version 4.0 and greater)
"The version of CKEditor could not be detected."

one of the solution (which is a bad practice) is to edit the ckeditor.js file inside the
directory sites/all/libraries/ckeditor, you will have to find the version written in the file
probably in the first line i.e (version:"4.1") and replace it with a lesser than the 4.0th
version i.e (version:"3.6")

  1. Though the ^^^ above solves the Ckeditor detecting issue, this doesn’t work well with media embedding.
My simple solution for this is completely remove the latest version of your ckeditor and
re-upload the old but steady/reliable version of it (I prefer version

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