Aug 1, 2012

Drupal Quick Tip: Drupal 7 FAQs | Drupal Modules | Drupal Panels | Drupal Questions | Drupal Doubts

  • What is Drupal?

  • What is module in Drupal?
Module is like an addon/plugin that you install and enable in drupal to enhance and
expand features in your site. The modules are developed by the drupal community

Drupal 7
  • How do I get the Admin menu as Drupal 6?
Install and enable the module Administration module and Disable the module “Toolbar”
which comes with the core modules in Drupal 7

  • How to enable the “PHP Code” filter when creating a content?
Go to Modules list (/admin/modules) and enable “PHP filter” module under core category

  • I cannot create a Panel Page in panels !
Enable the  “Page manager” module in the modules page

  • I want to create a content type which has my taxonomy terms as a field too !
When creating a feild in your content type make sure you select the field-type as

  • Can I create dummy contents in Drupal 7?
Yes, you can!
Install the Devel module and enable the Devel Genrate module too (which is a sub
module of it)

  • How to add conditional stylesheets in Drupal 7
Download and install the “conditional stylesheets” module from and add the below code in your .info file as

  conditional-stylesheets[if IE 7][all][] = ie7.css

  • Where do I place my new custom panel layout?
It should be placed in layout folder inside your theme folder eg:

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